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Free Firewood: supply and demand of Free Firewood

This informative website deals with firewood : that great environmentally friendly source of heating. Some of us have unlimited access to firewood, but most of us have to pay in hard cash for those cosy logs. We've put up this site to facilitate those people who want to get rid of their old wood (for example old furniture or pellets) or maybe some people have trees in their gardens and want to get rid of them: in stead of hiring an expensive company to remove them, you can also try to make a deal through : a supply and demand website for free firewood. And guess what: the advertising is also complety free !


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Choice of Firewood

The firing of a good wood fire is a real art and requires a lot of attention and effort. This starts with arranging the right wood. If you live in a wooded area then this does not have to be such a problem, but if you live in a city you are often depending on expensive purchase through fireplace stores or other parties.

Next, you need a dry place to save the wood because only properly seasoned wood burns well and good and produces the most heat.
Seasoned wood means that is has been air dried and it only contains a 15%-20% moisture content.
Furthermore, not every kind of wood is appropriate for the stove, heater or fire pit. Most people choose hardwood, because of the nice flames, a long burn and, in time, a good heat. But also lighter wood can be used in your fireplace, they just burn faster, so you need to put more wood on the fire.

Passion for Fire

What is it that so many people can enjoy a nice and cozy crackling fire burning in the fireplace?

Since tens of thousand of years fire has been a source of life for mankind: it provided warmth, light, the fire kept wild animals away, it boiled the water and the meat was cooked. In short, a good burning wood fire was often vital to our ancestors and the discovery of fire meant in effect a revolution in human life.

Of course there was in that period an abundance of firewood. People often lived in the middle of nature where obtaining logs was not a problem. Over the centuries it was the only source of cooking and heating. Meanwhile also other fuels came into use such as coal, in that time also an abundantly available fuel. Coal had and still has the disadvantage of the odor and emitted particulates during combustion.

Until the discovery and commissioning of gas, electricity and other fossil fuels, firewood and coal were in fact the only used fuels by humans, but almost always in the form of the famous burning fire in the fireplace or closed stove.

Perhaps the importance of an open fire and the many thousands of years that we used it, is the reason why we (possibly genetic?) feel the need for chopping trees, build a competent wood fire, and eventually feel the joy of a beautiful burning fireplace. The knowledge and the deep feeling that this fire means safety, warmth and sphere.

Due to the increased awareness of environmental protection and the technological development now highly efficient fireplaces / stoves have been developed. With the arrival of energy efficient homes and reuse of water, solar energy and wind energy this ancient source of heating is also becoming more popular as a first or second degree domestic heating source.

With the developing technology the demand for example hardwood will grow. Hardwood is a highly efficient and long-lasting fuel. However, it takes many years for this type of wood is grown enough suitable for logging. Deforestation is a huge problem in the world. Development of new areas, but also a healthy replanting and regulated logging are necessary to ensure supplies for the future and keep the forests healthy and the safe keeping of our precious planet.

Fire Logs

Fire Logs